Best Low Profile 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 2023 (In-Depth Review)

These traditional low profile ¾ Motorcycle helmets have been worn by motorcyclists ever since the sport's infancy and are showing no signs of going out of style anytime soon. These helmets are great for both street use and racing on dirt courses because of how lightweight and airy they are.

This traditional 3/4 helmet is a nostalgic nod to days gone by. This is one of the smallest and lightest 3/4 shell helmets available, and its low profile design ensures that it won't cause headaches or neck pain like traditional mushroom helmets do.
The rider will experience the smoothest riding thanks to the closer center of mass of this smaller helmet, which nearly eliminates wind drag. Although everyone knows it's smart to wear a helmet when riding a motorbike, not everyone is comfortable doing so, especially when going fast.
This is due to the fact that many helmets are uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time because they are either hot or too heavy. The good news is that there are plenty of helmet options available on the market.

2up Biker Gear is the correct place if you want a helmet that provides adequate protection while also being lightweight and comfortable to wear. For the most discerning riders, I've compiled a list of the top low profile ¾ Motorcycle helmets below.

About Low-Profile 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet

A low-profile 3/4 motorcycle helmet protects the head and ears but not the face. Classic motorbike riders favor the look of these helmets because of its throwback aesthetic. This 3/4 motorcycle helmet is constructed from impact-resistant materials like fiberglass or polycarbonate.
Long rides are made more bearable because of the interior's plush, moisture-wicking fabrics. The face can be shielded from the elements and road debris with the detachable visor or face shield that comes with this low-profile 3/4 motorcycle helmet.
The helmet is held in position and a snug fit is ensured by the adjustable chin strap. If you're a rider looking for a stylish, traditional, and highly functional helmet, go no further than this 3/4 model. The finest option for the rider who wishes to stand out is our 3-piece personalized motorbike helmet.

Top 3 Low-Profile ¾ Motorcycle Helmet

Here is the list of best low profile ¾ Motorcycle Helmet

  1. Daytona three-fourth Helmet

Daytona three-fourth Helmet

The Daytona low profile ¾ Motorcycle helmet is the lightest and most comfortable helmet on the market, weighing in at just 2.1 ounces. It's light enough that you can comfortably wear it all day. The polycarbonate exterior ensures complete protection in the event of a bike mishap. The helmet's rotatable inner padding, already among the softest available, further enhances comfort
This helmet's matte black finish makes it appear soft to the touch. Thanks to its sleek design, this bike helmet does away with the bulky, "rubber head" look common to other options. This particular model is a top-notch helmet that costs less than you might think.This helmet meets stringent safety and comfort criteria and is ready for your use. The helmet should be snug, but not constricting. Putting on this helmet will immediately instill a sense of security and assurance in the wearer. If you're still unsure, you can always refer to Amazon's size chart.

  • The helmet is fashionable.
  • Various sizes are available
  • The exterior is fairly sturdy.


  • Slight sizing concerns
  • These do not feature modular construction.


Comfortable helmet. After a few hours, it became the most comfortable helmet. For long-term wear, this helmet's rubberized inside liner is comfy. The high-quality material makes the helmet comfortable, unlike other helmets that hurt after a few hours.These low profile ¾ Motorcycle helmets innovative buckle system lets you wash the liners without removing the helmet. Removing the dual-density EPS liners makes helmet cleaning easier.

The lightweight, sturdy helmet is easy to use. It's gorgeous inside and out. Considering the market's lowest price, the helmet's construction quality is superb. Check out this product from 2up Biker Gear shop.

  • Passing is gentle
  • Neck strap.
  • Cool air around the face Best value.


  • Noisy on fast rides
  • Small sizes


This design is both stylish and sturdy. Its aerodynamic shape makes it a good option for persons of varying heights and weights. The helmet has a dual-density EPS liner and an ABS shell, making it lightweight and portable while still providing a secure and comfortable fit. The entire liner can also absorb and disperse moderate to light impacts.All helmet accessories that are designed to be taken out and put back in the low profile ¾ Motorcycle helmet YEMA helmet liner can be used with it. The lining and the padding are removable and washable, so you can maintain your helmet smelling fresh and clean at all times.
Anyone who prefers an open face when riding will benefit greatly from this particular style of helmet. High-quality construction ensures that it lasts for years and keeps out a wide variety of insects without restricting ventilation. In addition, it comes with a variety of convenient sun visor adjustments that will keep you looking great while shielding you from the sun and pesky insects.Any rider worth their leathers should wear a helmet. If you're young and active, this is the greatest helmet you can get right now. You may have all the benefits of a high-end brand at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the customer service is excellent to the point of being overwhelming.

  • It's pretty and practical looking.
  • An ideal role model for budding motorcyclists.
  • It's acceptable to disengage quickly.


  • Packaging and shipping are subpar.
  • The noise level can rise at times.

Ending Note

2up Biker Gear presents you the reviews of the three finest low profile ¾ Motorcycle helmets should help you make an informed decision. The primary function of these helmets is to shield the wearer's head from harmful environmental factors including wind and sunlight.
However, there are numerous helmets to choose from, making it critical that you do so. The Daytona Open Face 3/4 Helmet is our top pick as an open face helmet. It has everything a rider may need and more.


How do you put on a 3/4 helmet?
The helmet should fit perfectly on your head. A helmet for a bike shouldn't be too tight or hurt to wear. The helmet should fit tight enough so that you can wear it for a long time without pain or discomfort, but not so tight that it hurts.The helmet is too big if you can fit a maximum of two fingers between it and your head. So, every helmet, not just a 3/4 helmet, should fit snugly without hurting or making you feel bad.

How do I figure out what size helmet I need?

First, take the size of your head. With a measuring tape, you can find the distance from the widest part of your top to the back in your head. Make sure that the measuring tape is straight around your head. And don't put it in your hair too far.
Are open-faced helmets safe?
No one needs a full-face helmet to keep their head safe. But for some users, an open-face helmet might be a better choice. Most of the time, open-face helmets are better than not wearing a helmet at all, but they might not be as safe as full-face helmets. When a rider falls off his bike, he would probably land on his neck over his chin area of an open-face helmet. The area around the neck is not covered by an open-face helmet, and he is not safe if he doesn't wear a full-face helmet.